Ollocs at Revolution!

ImageImageWhen I got picked up by Russell I was bleary eyed and half awake from a sleepless night that I shared with my insomniac boyfriend. 

I had no idea what type of band I was shooting, all I know is that I had to get picked up early and stay for practice before heading over to the bar&music hall Revolution in Amityville. 

When we got to the house I met the rest of the band and basically said “Hiii my name is Kerry and where’s your couch because I need a nap stat.” 

I honestly was expecting this band to suck, Hardcore. 

I am glad I was presently surprised. 

It turns out that Ollocs is a progressive instrumental band; and they’re fucking amazing. I was so honored to be asked to be their photographer for the night. It was also really boss because when I was with the band selling tickets outside not only had a bunch of people heard of them before and listened to their music. One of the fans asked if they asked if they needed a photographer and BAM they said they had me. He gave all the guys his card; except me. Bitch. I do hate how cut throat it is to photograph bands. Especially how fucking pushy you have to be.

Backstage is honestly not as glamorous as I pictured it inside my mind. But everyone was so polite it was incredible, I was useless just taking up space among the sea of guitars, basses, and symbols; and the guys in the band were apologizing to ME. I was like ‘whoaa you don’t need to apologize to me, I should be the one apologizing for being in the way and being completely useless.’Also on the upside the big black security guard saved my life by providing me with a charger because my cell was dead. Anddd of course there was beer.. too bad it was only for the headliners. Tits. I did also enjoy the tiny t.v backstage that lets you watch who’s performing at that instant. Nice touch.

The opening band had absolutely no crowd. But then when Ollocs went on, it was as if, by some magnetic force once they got on stage and I started snapping photos I turned around and saw a crowd of people. I kept shooting, and annoyingly enough that douchy photographer kid was standing right where I wanted my shots to be, trying to motherfuckin upstage me. Did this kid know I was the house photographer for the Paramount? Fuck him and his Aol email address.

All in all I had such a great time working with these guys and they were all so chill and nice that I wanted to write a segment dedicated to them. Thanks Ollocs! I hope to work with you all again soon…



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