Weekend Ramblings

It was a weekend of reminiscing and creating memories…


We threw down. We raged. We came together.

I remember first going to see I Dreamt the Sea around two years ago, and since that time they have only grown into a more lasting sound with a bigger following.

Album release shows always bring out vast amounts of people creating such a buzz. I Dreamt the Sea put out their newest album “Say What You Mean/ Mean What You Say” opening with great acts: Moon Tooth, My Kingdom, Run the Wire, and The Artifact.

I arrived just before I Dreamt came on, with just enough time to down shots with my friends.

I understand why many girls don’t want to throw down in a pit with a bunch of guys thrashing, but i’ve had so many personal issues going on in my life at the moment that I knew it would be really stress relieving to throw down. All I can say, was one moment I was moshing and the next I was on the ground and my work scrubs were ripped open and my phone slid all the way to the other side of the room. I smashed my knee really well into the concrete, and that’s okay because I didn’t want anyone to hold back just because i’m a girl in the pit. Its actually kind of cute in a way when you’re a girl at a hardcore show and as soon as guys start kicking and thrashing, other dudes with put themselves in front of you, or put their arms out like unconsciously protecting you. But dudes, its okay, us girls can handle ourselves. I felt more bad for my good friend who got kicked in the face.



They will be taking a break for the holidays, but will be back in action January 10th at Even Flow!


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