Being Beautiful By Being You

We look into mirrors everyday. Mirrors are great when it comes to making sure you’re lipstick is in place, or that your eyeliner isn’t smudged. But mirrors are liars.733959_4677939191015_755328475_n

I say this in full confidence because my philosophy is that beauty is a verb.

Mirrors won’t be able to show you how beautiful you look when you’re laughing. They won’t show you how cute you seem when you scrunch your nose, or how peaceful you seem absorbed in a book. A mirror can’t see how beautiful you look when you’re dancing or when someone tells you the best joke and you can’t stop laughing. It is in these moments when you’re really into life that a mirror just can’t show you how beautiful you really are.

Everyday girls are surrounded by harmful messages and images that attack their actions, looks, and ways of thinking. It’s become more evident how some beautiful women view themselves can border on obsessive. Low self esteem is actually more common in beautiful women too. Some just don’t believe they are attractive. We need to remember that beauty is an asset, but it does not define who you are.

The world is harsh when you’re a girl, and I believe we have to practice staying strong than letting ourselves fall apart. You can only control how good you look on the outside so much. Girls get caught up in features and faults that are just that and getting caught up in things you can’t change appearance wise, is a waste of mental energy. I’m not trying to say don’t try to look your best, I believe that is healthy and improves self confidence.IMG_8903

But ladies, let’s work on an ‘inner’ makeover. Your inner beauty never needs makeup. Girls, if we can actively work on being grateful and happy everyday, then we can harness that energy, and no one can take that away from us. It is a form of beauty that will withstand the test of time. If we spent half the amount of time we use cultivating our looks into focusing on using our smarts, making people laugh, or helping someone, that’s how we cultivate that inner beauty. Remember, the best impression you can leave on someone is that you’re a cool person, who thinks that they’re cool too.


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